Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Entertainment Book Fundraiser Help and Info

Entertainment Books are here!  This can be a GREAT fundraiser for the D.C. trip.


Students can get more books at any time after school in my room. I only ask they do not get too many out- it is best to "pre-sell" the books instead of just getting more books .

Students and parents are encouraged to create an account to sell with a link through email, Facebook, etc.  It is easy, and buyers pay online and get the book shipped to them for free!  I get a report saying which students sold online and how much profit they get.

Please note- students receive 40% of the profit of any online order, whether it be a digital book, Columbus book, or any other city.  The Entertainment Book company credits the school for this amount along with any profit from selling physical books, and we in turn send all profit to the tour company with a list of how much each student gets credited to their account.

Please see the link below for a step by step of how to create an online account.

Our Group ID is 963168. You will need this to create an account online and sell books for any city. Once you create an account and it creates a link, any purchase made with that link (including the Facebook link they provide) will be tracked back to your child.  Make sure you put your child's name in when you create the account.

Books need to be kept in like new condition.  Any damaged books are charged to the school and are therefore charged to your child's account.

Once you feel like you are completely finished selling books, you can send in payment- I cannot take cash It would be greatly appreciated if you can have buyers pay you, then write one check or money order for the total amount- thank you!  Any unsold book(s) also need returned so the student does not get charged for them.

Let me know if you have any questions or issues. cbartow@fairbankspanthers.org

Thank you!
Mrs. Bartow

Online Entertainment Book account setup help

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Back to School Letter about Trip


Hello, Parents and Eighth Graders!

Our Washington, D.C. Trip will be May 1-4.  Please check the blog for copies of handouts, links forms and information.

You can always reach me by cbartow@fairbankspanthers.org with questions.

Mrs. Bartow